About The Closet Lobsterman

Working professional by day. Lobsterman by morning. While most of you are reaching
for the snooze button, I am out scouring the shores of Massachusetts chopping bait, hooking buoys and hauling traps in search of the most prized of culinary catches.

Maine Lobster.

Lobstering in New England is a legacy trade. Generations of families pass on everything from equipment to the oldest secrets to help guide the new fishermen and women.

But Lobstering doesn’t have to be a commercial operation. Anyone can pull those prized creatures from the depths of the Northeast Atlantic. All you need is some basic equipment, a license and the patience to be disappointed on a regular basis.

But to me, The Closet Lobsterman taps into all those dream aspirations suppressed deep inside all of us. Sure, we’d all love to quit our jobs and [insert hidden passion here]. But we can’t. Or maybe we’re scared to. So instead, we fill our free time with things that we enjoy. Memories for future smiles. Challenges to conquered.

Yes, I know, lobstering seems to be a unique hobby. But that’s why its fun. Like all great hobbies, you learn to do new things. Getting out in unfamiliar territory. Putting yourself out there without knowing if your going be any good at it.

There seems to be a mystical quality to the trade of Lobstering. How does it even work? Well, trust me sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. But lobsters aren’t just born in that tank at the seafood couter so follow along with me so see how it happens. And not from the voice of Mike Rowe. Just from an everyday guy with a kick-ass hobby. Hopefully, I will inspire you to try something new yourself.

And yes, they are even more delicious right out of the ocean.

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