Lobsters Take 2nd Stage


Growing up Italian, my family had many traditions and one of them was they almost always ate fish on Fridays. Seafood and Boston tend to go hand and hand. I mean come on, i’m Lobstering for a hobby. But this Friday morning wasn’t about the lobsters. In Boston, we have a healthy amount of Stripe Bass and if you can time it right, you might find yourself with some on your hands. This morning, was one of those lucky times.

The morning began beautifully, with clear skies, sunrise and water as smooth as glass. I could have been on a pond if it wasn’t for smell of the salt water. It had been 4 days now since the last baiting, so hopes for a nice weekend meal was sturing in my mind. But after hauling trap #3, something more exciting caught my eye. It was the splashing of fish feeding on the surface, a sure sign that they were ripe for the picking and suddenly the attention shifted from crustaceans to fish. A grab of the rod and sure enough, after the first few casts it was a striper frenzy, pulling in one after another, after another. Before we knew it, the cooler was full of fish the prize catch measuring about 30″.


The smaller ones get returned to the sea and after about 20 min, the feeding settled down and it was back to finish lobstering. The lonely cull lobster that resulted was a nice find but could never compete with what just took place. Another successful morning on the water and this weekend there will be bass on the menu, and that’s just fine with me.

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