Everything You Could Want from the 1st Haul

Outside of the less than desirable choppy waters, this morning was everything you could want from the first haul of the season. To kick off the season,  the traps are in two different areas. The Boston Fishing and Wildlife Dept only allow recreational guys like me a max of 10 traps and we began the season with 7. The first sight of any ocean life in the traps was a hermit crab. These guys are cool looking but nothing for the stove.

The next trap revealed our first lobster, a cull. If you don’t speak lobster, a cull is a lobster that for whatever reason, only has one arm. There are no restrictions in taking these one-clawed buddies as long as they meet all of the other legal regulations. This one did, and with plenty of meat in that precious tail it’ll do for me.

With our smaller one-armed fella in the cooler, we moved onto the other fishing area and pulled up a real nice find. It was a male, hard-shelled larger than your average lobster. He tipped the scale at over 1 3/4 lbs and is exactly what you want to see this early in the season. This guy will be the perfect accompaniment to his friend in the cooler.

Wind typically translates to larger waves and as the wind picked up, we decided to take our catch to shore and leave the rest of the traps un-checked. No lobster is worth the nerves of rocking around the ocean in a 35 year old lobster boat so to shore we went. After a 10 min hot bath, on this beautiful summer Saturday night, dinner is served.

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  1. Angie and I were checking out the pics and very excited to see her art work too! I was explaining how you go on a boat and catch lobsters in the traps. She saw the pic of the cooked lobster and said “Look! Uncle David caught one with corn!” We are still laughing….:)

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