Wait on the Bait

Lobster traps are made of plastic coated steal, ropes, twine and wood. All of which fill with air during the off season. When you submerge them in water, the air is forced to escape in the form of thousands of tiny bubbles.

So what? Well, if you remember your six-legged friends from Finding Nemo, crabs love bubbles and are attracted to them instantly. They will swarm towards anything bubbling in the masses. Lobsters are dumb creatures. But they know enough to avoid anything swarmed by crabs. Therefore, they will not come anywhere near the site if its loaded in crabs.  I can expect traps full of crabs the next time out and no, they aren’t the good kind. The majority of crabs in the Boston waters are Rock Crabs and are not what most would call “good eat’n”. But after about a week of soaking, the traps will be prime for some of the crabs tastier friends.

I choose to live by the motto the first time out, “Don’t feed the Crabs”.

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