The ocean can be a beautiful place



The ocean houses beautiful creatures and changes everyday. Sometimes its rough and can put you in your place but other times like today, it can be a calming retreat.

During our lives, you need to adapt to change and sometimes, you have to put aside the expected and instead take the path in front of you. I planned on spending the summer months fishing and lobstering up and down the New England coastlines but instead the winds of change swayed me to Manhattan. The land of opportunity, taxis and concrete.

When life’s currents pull you in an unexpected direction, go with the flow and relay on the faith that the tide will shift once again you will return. And if you don’t, maybe you will be happier in your new place but you really never know unless you give it a shot. What are you afraid of? Would you rather spend the rest of your life wondering what else is out there? Or would you rather try something and learn more about yourself in the process? Just know that when you set out for open water, you better be prepared for challenges along the way but life is full of challenges. So stop worrying about how to avoid them and start planning how you will survive them.

You may feel yourself fighting the new. Don’t. Once you try new things you tend to discover gems when you least expect it.¬†Shift your attention away from building barriers and focus more on building a better suspension system. Once you go out and tackle something that you thought would have been unreachable, all of a sudden anything seems possible.

I will attest that if you choose to embark on any journey, you better make sure you have a damn good crew whether they be right next to you or just routing you on. We live in a day where we are all connected somehow, but you quickly learn most of those connections are weak and will break at the slightest bend. I promise, if you surround yourself with real people you know you can depend on when seas get rough, you will find yourself sailing calmer waters before you know it.

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