Season Concludes with a Hurricane

Lucky enough to not depend on lobstering for income, I tend to avoid less than enjoyable water conditions. Avoiding anything said on TV, I go right to the source and monitor NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)’s website. This cuts the rattings out of the mix and just gives it to you straight.

I try to avoid days in the purple range but today, we’re talking a whole new level. These are wind speeds according to NOAA and to say, “we’re in the red” is understatement.

Needless to say, it is about that time to call it quits for the season.





The last few times out have fetched no lobsters but another find not commonly known. When something looking like a swimming lizard pops up in your traps, it makes for at least an interesting outing.

These ugly things are called Sea Ravens and come in different colors depending on their environment. They apparently make great bait but I wasn’t interested so back they went.

The lobster traps are left in the ocean all season long but it was time to call it quits and pull them all in. So that’s it folks. The off-season has officially begun. The boat needs a good cleaning and is scoped to get an upgraded GPS and depth finder. The salt water does a beating on everything so buoys, ropes, traps all need to be repaired and prepped for next season. As the sunlight up here in Boston shortens, and we await the snow, lobstering will have to take a back seat until spring. Stay tuned.


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