Success Ends with a Close Call

Summer in Boston doesn’t get any better than this. A beautiful sunny morning on the ocean with the wind in your face and the smell of the sea. Lobster numbers have been a little light lately, but the season is still young and there’s plenty of time. We secured 2 keepers along our journey this morning and one tipped the scale at almost 2 lbs.

One of exciting facts of pulling your own lobster is that you come across lobster of all sizes that are way too small to make it to your local supermarket.

With success in the cooler, back to the dock we go but not without a problem.  The engine oil alarm went off and we found ourselves stuck stranded in the water. Quickly, we switched to the smaller backup engine and these are exactly the times why I keep a backup engine. It started up and off home we continue. I wish that was the end, but unfortunately, it wasn’t. The engine overheated and died and we found ourselves stuck again. In desperation, we hooked the main boat engine up to the backup gas tank hoping the oil pre-mixed in the tank would suffice to get us home.  It was a slow ride home but we made it back safely and that’s all that matters. Just proves that you never know what you are getting into every time you venture out to the water.

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