A Beautiful Day on the Water

Well folks, summer is upon us and yesterday was just a beautiful day on the ocean. During the week, lobstering becomes just as much of a hobby as a mission with the main focus on what can we find, where and how. But yesterday was all you could ask from a sunday in Boston. A leisurely ride along the shores, 83 degrees, a little fishing, a little lobstering and lunch atop of 50 ft waters.

One of the beauties of Lobstering and getting to see first hand all of the variations of lobsters that are out there that typically never make it to market. Lobsters are regenerative as we saw earlier with our cull example, and this guy is on his way to regrowing his lost arm. Being too small to take home, this guy will continue his growth in the sea.

Another interesting find, is this slimy looking fellow. Its called a northern moon snail and  can grow up to about 7″ in diameter. The flesh is actually hard and not squishy as it appears and definitely not something you want to take home and cook up. The larger lobster in the opening photo measured up around 1 1/4 lbs and was the lonely keeper from the day, but yesterday was by no means a loss.

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