I Caught Crabs

Hit the water on this beautiful friday morning and as expected, only caught crabs, no lobster. This is the most common crab in the Boston waters, the rock crab. The Mass Fishing Dept will allow 40 of these crustaceans to be taken from the water per person, daily. Personally, i’m not too interested in spending 1 hour picking …


Wait on the Bait

Lobster traps are made of plastic coated steal, ropes, twine and wood. All of which fill with air during the off season. When you submerge them in water, the air is forced to escape in the form of thousands of tiny bubbles. So what? Well, if you remember your six-legged friends from Finding Nemo, crabs …


The Season is Underway

After a month of lost time, everything is running properly and as of this morning, the season has officially begun. The traps are soaking and the buoys are floating. In a few days, I can return to the fishing area and bait up. Why not bait the first time? Thats an answer for another post.