One Unexpected Find


One of the most exciting things about hooking a buoy, is that you never know what is going to be coming on board. You hope its a pile of fresh lobster but its all chance. We began with our lonely 2 traps in a remote location and in this case, there was a single lobster but also something more unexpected, a conch. Conch are basically large salt water snails and are fished for but it is unusual to pull one up in a lobster trap. In the Caribbean, they are more sought after for eating and i’m sure we all remember the Lord of the Flies use of the shell as a horn. This one was a little smaller than that and without the extra pretty shell that ends up displayed on the front porches of beach houses in Nantucket, this one is free to go. Conch can be eaten raw, pickeled in ceviche, made into a stew or chopped into a dish. Being only one and measuring about 5 inches in diameter, it was set free, the trap re-baited and back to the water it goes.


The cooler had a single inhabitant, an average 1 lbs male lobster with higher hopes for more from the remaining traps. After moving onto the second fishing area, the remaining 5 traps we’re hauled up only to find them empty. A healthy combination of seaweed, small crabs and a few baby lobsters were found but nothing more. That’s how it goes but as it was still a nice morning on the water, on the hunt. And plus, I got this guy waiting for me when I get home.


    • Yeah. They are rare up here but they are down there. Tend to be a little smaller, but sometimes you forget how many things are living down there.

  1. I love this! And I’ve already written about it for the NESADSU alumni blog so check that out at the end of the month (when it’ll be posted). If you want to, sent me a couple of photos and I’ll add them. Thanks and keep up the tasty work! I’m culinarily jealous!

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